17 Panama Coworking Spaces and Beach Bars for Digital Nomads

The advent of the internet has revolutionized how people work. Today, the traditional office space has become incompatible with the new work culture. Modern workers only need a computer and internet WI-FI to work. They are no longer confined to a stagnant workspace to perform their jobs but can work from one location to another. Remote workers especially digital nomads can now travel to places and perform work in co-working spaces.

Panama has become a haven for digital nomads and remote workers. Many co-working spaces have sprouted to offer traveling workers an appropriate place to work. These co-working spaces are shared by other workers from different companies from different countries. They function as temporary offices of digital workers, providing equipment, internet connection, utilities, custodial facilities, and other services to help workers accomplish work objectives and more.

If you are planning to go to Panama for travel and work, you don’t have to worry about finding an appropriate space to work. Here are some co-working spaces that not only offer convenience and savings but an opportunity to meet, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals and improve your social life, while working.

1. Regus

Regus is an international flexible workspace solutions provider with the biggest network of offices across all continents. It has 3000 locations strategically located in major financial districts in 900 cities in 120 countries. It is founded in 1989 in Brussels, Belgium with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

As the largest co-working space provider, Regus offers professionals services that fit all types of workers, companies, and budgets. It also has offices in airports, gas stations, transportation hubs, and other public locations. It has already helped many successful entrepreneurs, travellers, and big companies across the globe.

Because Panama is a major destination for many digital workers, the company has opened 5 co-working office locations across Panama City. All office spaces provide clients with complete amenities from IT equipment, furnishings, and office services to allow them to have an excellent and sociable way of working. There are also professional board spaces for holding meetings, presentations, training, and other office events. They offer customizable room arrangements to accommodate the different needs of clients.

Contact Details

  • Location 1: Plaza 2000, Calle 50 and Marbella, Corregimiento de Bella Vista, Panama City
  • Location 2: Financial District, Calle 50 con Esquina de la Calle Elvira Méndez, Torre Financial Center, Piso 35, Ciudad de Panamá
  • Location 3: Calle Aquilino de la Guardia, Piso 10 Torre Banistmo, Marbella, Ciudad de Panamá
  • Location 4: Punta Colón Street, Punta Pacifica Urbanization, Oceania Business Plaza, Tower 2000, 43rd Floor, Panama City
  • Location 5: Financial Park Building, floors 34 and 35, Boulevard Costa del Este, Panama City

Telephone: +50 7 205 1699
Website: https://www.regus.com.pa/

2. EW Office Business Center and Co-working

EW Office Co-working provides teleworkers a prospect to work and collaborate with other professionals, visionaries and entrepreneurs from different sectors. It creates an idyllic atmosphere to help workers be more creative as it offers panoramic views of the city. Spaces and events are designed to generate network alliances with potential partners.

EW Office offers a dedicated co-working hot seat rotary desk and fixed desk. It is open 24-7 and provides high-speed fibre optic internet access, conference rooms, and free drinks. Every client is also assigned his own unique telephone number.

Contact Details

Address: Blvd Costa del Este, PH Financial Park Tower, 17th Floor, Panama
Telephone: +507 3100999
Email: info@ewoffice.com
Website: https://www.ewoffice.com/coworking/

3. Selina

man working at the computer

If you are looking for the perfect blend of work-life balance, then Selina is the best place to stay and work. Perfect for travel bloggers and other digital nomads, Selina is more than just a Co-working space, it is an accommodation in the most beautiful places to stay in Panama. This, its co-working spaces are nestled in sea side ad jungle hideaways where you can have a perfect work vacation. It offers the ultimate flexibility to work and travel for life.

The workspaces of Selina offer all the basic amenities that an office requires such as desk or space, internet connection, comfortable furnishings, and other equipment. But what sets it apart from customary co-working spaces is its vacation locations where you can catch a wave, go surfing, or go a tropical adventure. 

Selina provides a new way to stay, explore, and co-work. Perfect for digital nomads and working travellers, this co-working space provides allows people to partake in a wide-ranging ecosystem where you enjoy life, explore and have a vacation while allowing you to work productively and effectively at the same time.

Contact Details

  • Location 1: Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon
  • Location 2: Bocas del Toro, Red Frog
  • Location 3: Casco Viejo, Panama City
  • Location 4: Kalu Yala
  • Location 5: Pedasi
  • Location 6: Playa Venao

Telephone: (+507) 838 5132
Website: https://www.selina.com/

4. My Office

My Office is an open workspace that integrates freedom, eco-friendliness, and creativity. Freedom as it liberates workers from the tedious 8-hour regular work shift. Ecological as it primarily uses biodegradable materials for its ergonomic furnishings. And creativity as it promotes collaboration among workers for the development of new ideas and concepts.

My office offers various services to accommodate the different needs of remote workers such as services hot desk, private office, conference room, dedicated desk, virtual office, events and training room, and rooftop. It provides unlimited Internet, printing equipment, telephone, and other conventional office services. The office is also strategically located to offer workers with a panoramic view of the city.

Contact Details

Address: Calle 50, Credicorp Plaza Building, 31st Floor, Office 3102, Panama City, Panama
Telephone: +507 387-6140
Email: info@myoffice.com.pa
Website: https://www.myoffice.com.pa/

5. Panama Co-Working Space

The place where things happen, Panama Co-Working Space provides office spaces for companies or professional brands, intended to give complete solutions for teleworkers and equipped with all the services, equipment, technology and furnishings to ensure optimal productivity.

It was built with the conception of business communities in mind to facilitate partnership and cooperation among like-minded professionals. It offers private offices, open space, virtual office, event room and room meetings that are organized to promote networking which makes it ideal for the development of start-up businesses in an inspirational and relaxed environment.

Contact Details

  • Location 1: East Coast – Costa del Este Av. La Rotonda, Primetime Tower Building, 6th Floor OF. 6A Panama
    Telephone: +507 2027937
  • Location 2: Obarrio: PH Kenex Plaza, Office 803, Calle 59 and Ave. Samuel Lewis, Panama, Panama City
    Telephone: +507 2007949

Website: http://panamacoworking.com/

6. Co-working PTY

people in a co-working space

Co-working PTY is a co-working space where innovation and invention bonds creators, businessmen, professional workers, travel workers, and business ecologies. It provides office space, internet, office equipment, and services and most of all great companions who can help you with your projects.

The company focuses on creating “collision points”, where the physical space serves as an active agent and channel for idea generation, project implementation, and business model formulation. This is not only an ideal place to work but a place where you can enhance what you are working on.

Co-working PTY is not your ordinary co-working space provider. It focuses on co-working and collaboration to help clients incubate their ideas and projects. It implements the process of open innovation through which ideas are generated to develop it into a tangible and practicable project. All ideas are then shared with the public. This is ideal for third sector companies like non-government organizations and private associations or groups.

Contact Details

Address: Calle 44 Este Bella Vista Co-working PTY Panama
Telephone: +507 3000163
Website: http://kernelcmt.org/proyectos/coworkingpty/

7. Innova 109

Aptly located in the center of research and innovation in Panama region, Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge), Innova 109 is a co-working space that focuses on fostering creativity and imagination for freelance workers and digital nomads.

More than just a co-working space, Innova 109 promotes a community of innovation among its network of clients by holding events, workshops, community dinners and drinks, mentorship programs, incubator and accelerator programs, among others. It incorporates fun and work by providing relaxing zones such as swimming pools, chill lounges and outdoor terrace where clients can connect and socialize.

Contact Details

Address: E 109, Calle Jorge Gil, Ciudad del Saber, Panamá, Panama 
Telephone: +507 306-3700

8. Workings

Your space, your style, your work – this is the motto behind Workings, a co-working space provider that provides teleworkers and freelance workers with full freedom and autonomy to perform their job comfortably. 

Workings understand why teleworkers and freelance workers chose this career in the first place. They are the most productive and creative if they work independently. They don’t want to be chained in the traditional 8-hour work setting. 

Workings’ office spaces provide an inspiring and unique home-feel for clients to allow them full comfort and absolute convenience when working. They are not just a space to work but they also provide everything a worker needs including 24/7 access, unlimited high-speed internet, Coffee, Mineral Water, TV, drinks and beer, meeting rooms, computers and printers, security and a terrace where they can socialize and meet other brilliant people.

Contact Details

  • Location 1: Torre de las Américas, Punta Pacífica Panama
  • Location 2: Panama Design Center, Obarrio Panama
  • Location 3: MMG Tower, Costa del Este Panama

Telephone: +507 830-6436
Email: info@workingslatam.com
Website: https://workingslatam.com/

9. Cube Workspace

sitting man drinks while he reads

For those who love what they do, Cube Workspace provides open spaces designed for start-up companies, freelance workers and small and medium companies who are growing their business. It serves as the humble beginnings for the most successful companies in the future. 

Whether you are seeking a place to do work, think, plan, meet, interview or convene, Cube Workspace has the necessary facilities to support your endeavour. This includes a dedicated fibre optic internet, printing services, security and controlled access as well as fully equipped meeting and event rooms.

Aside from providing comfort and cost-effectiveness to perform work, we inspire to achieve your goals. We offer day pass, hot desk dedicated for a month, private office, virtual office, and meeting rooms.

Contact Details

Address: Urbanization Vía España, Commercial Gardens of the Hotel El Panamá, Bella Vista, Local # 10-11. In front of the Iglesia del Carmen Metro Station.
Telephone: +507 310 0700/ +507 6378 3561
Email: info@thecubeworkspace.com
Website: https://thecubeworkspace.com/

9. Coworksurf

Coworksurf is a deluxe resort-style co-living place where you can work and surf at the same time. It is the ideal place for teleworkers and digital nomads who love to go surfing or enjoying other aquatic sports and activities. 

More than just a space to work, Coworksurf is an opportunity for workers to meet other people who share the passion for travel, fun, and adventure while working. It is a place to work and feel like home. 

Coworksurf’s dedicated co-working spaces are spacious and strategically located in beachfront to provide the surfing and inspirational ambiance for surf lovers. You can stay inside the co-working space in the seaside, which has complete amenities including adjustable shelves, standing desks, a patio, kitchenette, and chill space. You can also opt to stay in any of the open spaces within the resort and work because its fibre optic Wi-Fi is available in the entire resort premises. Thus, this is truly a vacation work for travel bloggers and teleworker-surfers. 

Contact Details

Address: Playa La Barqueta, Ave. Don Antonio Anguizola, David 9771, Panama
Telephone: +507 772-3000
Website: https://www.coworksurf.com/

10. Spaces Plaza 2000

“Spaces” has one of the largest networks of co-working spaces around the world that spans all continents including Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and the Pacific and South Africa. The company was built on the belief that work is about people and ideas, that’s why all their office spaces are designed to foster people’s connection and idea generation.

“Spaces” provide a flexible co-working space that offers an inspiring working ambiance with an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. This energetic vibe is what progressive and innovative thinkers need to engender ground-breaking ideas for the future. 

In Panama, the co-working office provided by Spaces is known as Spaces Plaza 2000, which is located in the financial district in Panama City. Designed and outfitted for a budding business, Spaces Plaza 2000 also offers an opportunity for like-minded professionals to connect and collaborate. There are two office locations in Panama where clients are offered a thrilling lifestyle of the city.

Contact Details

  • Location 1: Calle 53 Marbella Panama City, Panama
  • Location 2: Calle 50 Corregimiento, Bella Vista Panama City

Telephone: +507 280-4700
Email: reception.plaza2000@spacesworks.com
Website: https://www.spacesworks.com/panama-city/plaza-2000/

11. The Company, Co-working PTY

man takes notes

The Company, Co-working PTY, is a multifaceted office of single and shared offices designed for independent remote workers, digital nomads, teleworkers, self-employed individuals and business entrepreneurs.

Aside from providing office space with the perfect office ambiance to do work, this co-working space has complete amenities to support its clients to focus and work productively. This includes 24-7 internet access, meeting rooms, desks, printers, and others. 

If a worker needs to eat, the office space has the Company Café, where clients can drink coffee or eat breakfast or lunch at very reasonable rates so that they can be properly nourished to perform to their fullest.

Contact Details

Address: Ave. Omar Torrijos, PanCanal Plaza, Local #7 Albrook, Panama, Panama
Telephone: +507 6203-4072
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Company-Coworking-PTY-138415626218104/

12. Global Oceania Center

Global Oceania Center provides all-inclusive private co-working spaces that allow a teleworker or digital nomad who needs a hot desk/ dedicated desk or private office to just enter the office and work. Its services are designed to be customer-centric providing clients with everything they need for work such as comfortable furniture (standing desks and ergonomic chairs), high-speed Internet WIFI, administrative services providing reception, butler service, IT support; free local phone calls and security. There are also conference rooms for presentations and meetings.

Contact Details

Address: Ph Oceania Business Plaza Torre 1000, Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama
Telephone: +507 203777

13. CocoVivo 

CocoVivo offers a remote co-working space where you work while you interact with nature. This is the ideal place for people who want to connect work with a holiday in a beautiful paradise. 

The co-working space can accommodate a limited number of clients. However, it has Wi-Fi, indoor meeting space as well as an outdoor space overhead the Caribbean Seas. Its location on the island affords workers with and impeccable work-holiday. After work, you can slacken in a hammock, paddleboard, swim with the dolphins, or dive in the waters, snorkel and explore the underwater reefs, hike through the jungle or simply connect with locals.

Contact Details

Address: Isla de San Cristóbal, Bocas del Toro, Panamá.
Telephone: +1 415-215-2144
Website: https://cocovivo.com/

14. Raw Workspace and Gallery

table with people and glasses

A space to develop yourself, Raw workspace and gallery is a co-working space intended to provide complete solutions for all business needs of freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It provides flexible rates for workspaces including shared desks and private office, meeting rooms, members’ network to foster collaboration and teamwork as well as weekly events for clients to enjoy and get together.

The company offers more than the regular amenities of a usual co-working space. It provides sound and video equipment, printer (including 3d printer), projectors and a drone to help travel bloggers record and capture data for their work.

As its name implies, this co-working space is also a gallery because its walls are ornamented by local artists that help create the inspirational and creative ambiance in the office spaces.


Address: Panamá, Golden point, 15-16, Panama City, Panama
Website: https://rawworkspace.spaces.nexudus.com/es

15. Zenko BusinessWalk

Zenko BusinessWalk offers flexible and cost-effective co-working spaces in the heart of Panama’s financial district. It offers all the benefits of a full-time office without paying for the services that you don’t need to use. Whether you are looking for a private permanent desk or a hot-desking setup, Zenko has the best seat to accommodate your needs.

Zenco BusinessWalk allows clients to work immediately without setting up utilities or equipment. Just sit down at your desk plug in to charge your laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi Internet and you are ready to work. It also offers the most affordable and flexible plan to as low as $5 for an hour which is ideal for teleworkers who are always on the go.

Contact Details

Address: Calle 51 Este, PH Habitats Plaza – Oficina 500-3, Área Bancaria – Bella Vista, Panama City
Telephone: 507- 69281294

16. Casa AJOEM

Casa AJOEM is a co-working space and co-living space located in the heart of Panama City. It was founded by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJOEM), is a non-profit organization of professionals dedicated to advancing education and entrepreneurship among Panamanian youth. 

Casa AJOEM functions as the office for AJOEM, who are mostly young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teleworkers in Panama City. As a co-working space, it offers fast internet connections, dedicated offices and desks as well as meeting rooms for its members. 

The co-working space is equipped with all resources and tools to help and empower young Panamanian entrepreneurs with their private business endeavors, which will serve as agents of progress and change in the local economy.

Contact Details

Address: #32 Calle 76A Oeste, entrance by Ave. La Paz, 3rd House to the left, Panama City, Panama
Telephone: +507 69495081
Email: info@ajoem.net
Website: https://www.ajoem.net/sobre-ajoem__trashed/casa-ajoem-2019/

17. Konferenz Business Centre

table with working people

Konferenz Business Centre is a co-working space that integrates technology, innovation, and creativity to help clients grow professionally and individually in a community of like-minded individuals. It is a community of entrepreneurs and professionals who help each other achieve success.

With the vision is to become the headquarters and the pillar of networking for budding entrepreneurs, and professionals, it offers private and virtual offices, boardrooms, modern furniture, state of the art audio and video equipment, fast internet service as well as support services such as drinks, kitchenette, reception and 24-7 security, and lounging areas

Contact Details

Address: Hato Pintado, La Loma, Av. 4a C North, # 74 -C, Panama City, Panama
Telephone: +507 6747-6308
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Konferenz-Business-Centre-153094515220708/

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